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Charmasson Club Lambs Donors

Charmasson 211 "Silvia"

Young Jock x Beefy (Charmasson 129)  


211 has been one of the most consistent producers we have had. Every year she lays down and gives us a set of keeper ewe lambs that not only compete in the show ring but have proven themselves to generate good offspring just like their mother. We were fortunate enough to finally get a buck lamb out of her in 2017 and he is certainly worth leaving in tact. “Stunner” is impressive from any angle u see him from. Thanks to N&H Livestock for purchasing half interest in him.


Charmasson 5020 "Reba"

Bravo x Game Face (Charmasson 206)


5020 is one impressive female.  She is sired by Bravo and dammed by one of our top Game Face daughters. 
206 has been successful for us in producing wethers that win on several levels. 5020 is the only daughter 206 has given us and we are glad to have her. She was shown as a lamb by the Washmon family and was a popular class winner at the 2016 Oklahoma Youth Expo. She also had a twin brother that year that was a sale maker at OYE for the Anderson family. We are extremely excited bout her future as a donor at Charmasson Club Lambs.


Charmasson 197 "Gerty"

Arms Race x Money Maker (Charmasson 121)


197 is a very popular stud ewe at Charmasson  Club Lambs. She’s the one that everyone ask about when we walk through the flock. 197 wasn’t a show ewe, but has proven to be truly valuable to our program. She has dammed popular wethers each year that have went out and been competitive in Texas and Oklahoma. Therefore we decided to move her to the donor pen and hope to generate several more.


AM 1520 “Nae Nae”

Gold Rush x Lone Star


This female is a unique individual!  We had the opportunity to purchase several key ewes from the Allison McGolden flock and with that acquisition came “Nae Nae”.  She was shown in Texas by the Reed family with several wins under her belt.  After watching how the Gold Rush daughters have worked the past few years we felt very confident with introducing them to our own breeding program. 


Reference Donors

Charmasson 129

Beefy x Xibit


129 is certainly a stud ewe! She has been mated several different ways and hasn’t missed. We flushed her several years and retained nearly every daughter we could. 129 is the dam to bucks that have went on to sire numerous winners and keeper females for not only Charmasson Club Lambs but Nicewonger Club Lambs, Southern Plains Genetics, Walkup Club Lambs. We made a tough decision to part with 129 in 2016.
She is now in production at N&H Livestock.


Charmasson Club Lambs Charmasson Club Lambs Charmasson Club Lambs
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